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SMARTEC, LLC provides technologies for business, manufacturing, products, inventions, design, and research & development within the construction, medical, information technology, defense, aviation, energy, and many other fields. We provides solutions when it comes to software engineering, systems engineering, electrical engineering, wireless networks and devices, communications, and general problem solving. We use our physics, engineering, mathematics, and computer science knowledge to provide tomorrow’s technology today.

We are pleased to announce several projects our award winning staff have completed for our clients! In the exciting world of artificial intelligence, software has been developed to: rank internet feeds by topic while significantly reducing CPU usage; perform Healthcare predictive analytics; assess the relationship between twitter chatter and stock price analysis; develop IT solutions for local, mobile, and cloud; develop information management systems; precision experiment timing; interface with sensors; and upload & analyze online data.

On the embedded system design and advanced computer architecture front, software and firmware has been developed to: interface with internet of things (IoT), TCP/IP webserver, and FAT32 USB storage devices; develop system hardware and control logic for stable sustainable environmental systems; simulate and analyze benchmarks and performance testing; build content management interface systems; design accelerometer, real time clock, and touch screen modules for the implementation of drivers; transmit information to enable 3D drafting using unique drafting medium; and develop voice based technology and systems.

If you are looking for a team of PhD and Master degreed professionals in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Management Information Systems, Artificial Intelligence, or Atomic and Nuclear Physics then SMARTEC is the company that can assist you with ALL of your high-tech endeavors. No project is too big or small. Whether it is private industry or government, SMARTEC is here to help.

Seth Berl
Owner, Smartec, LLC


SMARTEC has expertise in:

Programming Languages

C, C++, Assembly, Python, Perl, HTML, HTML5, XML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript(jQuery), MATLAB, Mathematica, VHDL, CUDA, J2EE, R, AJAX

Application Software

IAR Embedded Workbench, Visual Studio, Qt, Dreamweaver, Eclipse, Android Studio, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel, Word, RStudio, Atom, Wireshark

Web Design & Database Technologies

Web Server:
Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, microIP
Database Technology:
SQLite, MySQL, Redis, Hadoop, MapReduce, Hive


Network Engineering & Architecture, NIST Compliance, Digital Signage, Software and Hardware Development for Web Development, Embedded Firmware, Debugging, Windows, Linux, & VxWorks

Architectures & Protocols

8051, AVR, ARM, x86, x64

Research Capabilities & Laboratory tools

Research Capabilities:
RF System Design & Analysis, Lasers & Optics, Signal Processing
Tools and Lab Equipment:
WAMP, Pin, OrCad, Logic Analyzer, Oscilloscope, Multimeter, JTAG, J-link


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